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Our history

The Maderat village is located in the western part of Romania, in the west of the Zarand Mountains, where “the country road from the Crisului-Alb valley, reaching near the plain, to Maghiarat, splits in two and one part goes to Pancota, and another one goes to Siria and advances to Arad… “- Ioan Slavici

For centuries, the Minis-Maderat wine region has provided one of the favorite wines of the Imperial Court of Vienna. The oldest testimonials of the vineyards are dated back to the second half of the 15th century. 

Before the year 1038, the abbot of Bakony was gifted „eight vineyards” by Gizella, the first Queen of Hungary, with the approval of her husband, Stefan, after defeating Count Ahtum. The vineyards are situated on Marca (now Mocrea) Hill of Minis county, and the queen brought here the first vines here for wine production. 

Around 1805, Baron Josef Dietrich bought Pâncota domain, which Maderat belongs to.  

During the years that followed, the Baron planted here 4 Sequoia gigantea trees, which he brought from America. These trees may live up to 4000 years. One of them is now in MaxiMarc vineyard and is depicted on our wine labels.

Our wines are kept in old stone cellars, and one of them dates from 1818, being built by Baron Bohus. In 1878, when wine production was very high, the first concrete cisterns were built. In 1881, the School of Viticulture was established, which trained specialists in the field.